Todd Hennessy

Todd Hennessy

USHMM Museum Teacher Fellowship Year….2000

Current Teaching Location….Temple Sinai Religious School, 7th Grade Holocaust Class; Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council Introduction to Judaism, Holocaust Class.

Courses Taught on the Holocaust….As an eighth grade and high school social studies teacher in a public school district, I taught a two week integrated unit on the Holocaust. For ten years, I taught the history of the Holocaust, while The Diary of Anne Frank or Elie Wiesel’s Night was being taught by the Language Arts department.

What do we hope students come away with?  I have taught this event to many age groups and knowledge levels.  My goal is to introduce biographical, geographical, and chronological awareness of the Holocaust.  My hope is to introduce students to accurate historical information that will enable them to make conscious and educated conclusions on multiple levels as they mature in their study of the Holocaust.

Began Teaching….1994