Barb Figg

Barb Figg

US Museum Teacher Fellowship Year:  2008

Current Teaching Location:  Mullen High School, Elective Holocaust classes for juniors and seniors

Courses Taught on the Holocaust:  12 week trimester courses on The Holocaust:  Rise of Antisemitism and the Destruction of European Jews

What do we hope that students come away with:  I want my students to understand not just the immensity of the Holocaust during World War II but how antisemitism historically has painted a negative picture of Jews.  I use literature, music, art, and narratives to help my students understand the rich Jewish presence in Europe prior to the 1930’s and have them look at pictures and other primary sources as they learn about the religion and the culture.  I want them to understand that there were rescuers, who they were, and what they did to help Jews survive.  I want them to appreciate what resistance is and that it takes different forms for the people who lived during the Shoah.  I can’t answer all my students questions but I can help them look at the horrific history that took place and hope that they will stand up during adversity and step up for those in need.

Began Teaching:  1970 (edit)